We offer hands-on training to teach you how to install and use the Nipper. We will first discuss the theory behind the Nipper and then you can practice using your own vehicle. We offer two levels of training:


    This 5-day training is meant for everyone who has to work with the Nipper. The training comprises the following:

    • Installation of software
    • Use of AntLab and AntServer
    • Operation of Nipper
    • Mapping
    • How to create a route
    • How to instruct the Nipper to pick up and drop off a pallet
    • Detection of defects / troubleshooting

    This 5-day training is specifically aimed at key-users, who have to use all features of the Nipper.
    Only employees who have completed the basic training can proceed to the expert level.

    The expert training comprises the following:

    • Explanation of how to add groups, devices, stations and areas
    • Communication with external devices
    • Multiple vehicles in one project
    • User Interface / API scripts