The Nipper uses natural structures in the environment as its reference for localization. Meaning that it doesn’t need any infrastructure, such as inductive wires, magnets or reflectors, to navigate.


  • Weight 200kg
  • Load capacity 1200kg
  • Lifting height is adjustable up to max. 223mm
  • Driving speed 5.4km/h (1.5m/sec)
  • Safe to use in manned spaces
  • Most compact automated guided vehicle for pallet transport
  • Independently programmable by customer
  • Navigation without infrastructure
  • Prevention of accidents and damages
  • Automatic charging process, 30 minutes charging time
  • Wi-Fi-based communication system
  • Monitoring of project via all online devices
  • Sound signal

More information about the Nipper?
Please contact F3-Design for an extensive spec sheet.