The most frequently asked questions about the Nipper™

We don’t want to take up more of your time than necessary. This is true while working on projects, but also beforehand. That’s why we’ve listed the most frequently asked questions about the Nipper™ for you – so you don’t even have to ask your question again.  

How fast does a Nipper™ go?

The maximum speed of a Nipper™ is 1 meter per second, which is equivalent to 3.6 km/h. This speed is not changed by the load. However, it is possible to set the speed according to rules. For example, you can ‘teach’ the Nipper™ to slow down when approaching intersections or pedestrian crossings. 

What is the maximum load weight?

1000 kilograms.

How can I start a mission?

The Nipper™ operates based on missions. These can be triggered either physically or automatically. Physical triggering is possible via sensors that detect the presence of a pallet, or by manually pressing a button (or touchscreen) to give the Nipper™ its mission.  

Automatic triggers are possible with the output of other machines (for example, Dino Stretch Hood machine or a palletizer robot) or through ERP and WMS. We also have a SAP module that can trigger missions. 

How long can the Nipper™ run on a full battery?

Depending on the floor surface, the Nipper™ can operate reliably for 4 to 5 hours. (The more uneven the surface, the more the Nipper™ has to work to stabilize itself.) Also, to answer your next question, the battery can be charged from 20 to 80% in 30 minutes. 

What is its turning radius?

The Nipper has a turning circle of 1700 mm. However, it still needs 30 centimeters for pallet detection. In other words, a small turning radius ideal in narrow spaces!  

Does a pallet have to be perfectly positioned?

No – the Nipper allows a deviation of 7°, or 10 centimeters.  

What is the maximum slope it can climb?

The Nipper™ can climb slopes of up to 3°, even when fully loaded.  

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