Making the green choice – Amador Pérez Moreno of NEX

NEX Logistics Europe is a logistics service provider operation in almost 400 locations in 37 countries around the world. One of those locations is situated in Düsseldorf, where Amador Pérez Moreno from Alperolo Robotics is senior project manager on behalf of NEX. For a company that’s on the move 24/7, 365 days a year, automation is key. Amador has a clear understanding of the power of automation, and the advantages our AGV’s introduce to the workplace. 

Looking for a smarter way

NEX Logistics Europe is an EMEAR Consolidated Distribution Center for Epson, providing service to 72 countries. “The Center is located in Bedburg, close to Düsseldorf and Mönchengladbach, where we have a total storage facility of around 85,000 square meters”, says Amador at Alperolo, who have been doing development for logistics companies for five years. “NEX is the executive partner for Epson; we provide pallet storage and handling, but also Value Added Services like bundling, labelling, refurbishments, remodelling, marketing, repackaging and tagging (EAN, FR, AM). Besides that we also take care of technical configuration (software, firmware and hardware), reworks (quality issues, remodelling and technical set-ups) and first article inspection (units, consumables and spare parts).” 

For years, NEX used twelve wrapping machines for pallet packaging. This is, until they came into contact with F3-Design. “In 2018 we started our search for a better solution”, continues Amador. “We wanted to increase efficiency, use our floor area more efficiently, and reduce our cost-per-pallet. F3-Design stood out from the alternatives because of their expertise, service, vision, and lastly, their physical proximity.” 

More work in less time and space

At NEX, technology and image are important. “We want to be an example for others”, he says. “The F3 product line has a clean, universal appeal with an emphasis of reducing plastic waste. They are clearly the green choice in the market.” According to Amador, the move to the DINO Stretch Hood has also resulted in a reduction in machinery. “NEX have gone from 12 pallet wrappers to one DINO Stretch Hood”, he claims. “A second DINO Stretch Hood production line has already been initiated. Even working with just one DINO Stretch Hood has already seen a decrease in sick leave – this line of work is very stressful physically.” 

Working with a DINO Stretch Hood also occupies significantly less space than 12 wrappers. “The DINO Stretch Hood works 24/7 and has a fixed hourly output”, continues Amador. “It organizes a lot of things in one place. The DINO Stretch Hood is the last process our products go through in the warehouse. Frankly, it saves us space and time.” 

Besides two DINO Stretch Hoods, NEX also uses the service of three Nippers. “It is a flexible solution for small waves and tasks”, Amador claims. “These used to be more interrupting. Now, they hardly demand any attention from our personnel outside of the production area.” 

Choosing F3

“We understand what F3-Design is doing and appreciate their work ethos”, Amador concludes. “Their products have filled a niche that has led to more efficiency, less sick leave and a lower price-per-pallet. Epson have made it clear they only want to work with F3 products, and rightly so.”